Building my SaaS company from the ground up

It’s been 10 years since I learned how to code. Oh boy, it’s been a while. I know for a fact that this is what I want to do. But life forces you into decisions that in a way leads you into a different path that ultimately converges to where I want to go.

I left college because my circumstance then did not allow me to shift to a field of study that will prepare me for what I want to do. A decade after, here I am with my shiny new Medium post about a new enterprise I’m starting.

A decade after, I’m starting a SaaS company that will solve the need for connected apps that can help automate any business process known to man.

Just a brief history of me. I was born Paolo Dominict with a weird last name: Umali. I find my name weird so I’m sticking with what I prefer. I’ve been using Paul Dominik for mostly everything. I hail from the Philippines which is a vague tropical country in the Asia-Pacific region.

In college, I was enrolled in an Applied Mathematics course majoring in Operations Research. The name is quite fancy but it’s just math with special emphasis given to resource management subjects (Linear Programming, Queueing Theory, Game Theory, these kinds of stuff). When I started working, I took customer support posts. Initially, I was handling hardware like Dell computers, RingCentral phones, Netgear routers and more. But since I fell in love with code (I learned it while on the job), I opted to do support for software companies like JotForm, BigCommerce, Logiforms and more. On the side, I did web development so I get to apply my HTML, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, and PHP bar and foo. Shallow acronyms but they’re really loaded. Imagine 10 years… A decade after, I can now prepare a Linux server in AWS to host a CI-ready well-tested code.

What is it really? It’s ultimately a service that will allow you to build your apps. By apps, I refer to blogs, forums, stores, etc. At the moment, most companies resort to using different apps to support such. Most use WordPress for their main site, then probably phpBB for the forum, then another app to sell something. All these bring complication. They all need to be fully integrated to attain automation (isn’t this the goal?) for increased productivity. Most companies will have their particular needs as to the data objects they need to handle like bookings, orders etc. These can all be handled by Huenits.

Here in this series, I’m documenting the list of steps I did in bringing into life.