You are Alone. No One will Help You.

You are alone.
 No one will help you.
 You will be needed.
 You will not be directed.
 Do not expect to be taught.
 You will teach yourself.
 Do what is necessary to finish a task the quickest way possible.

The Lead is not your teacher.
 It’s not its responsibility to teach you.
 But it will demand from you.
 You will be treated unfairly.
 But that doesn’t mean you must do the same to other people.

You are a filter.
 Dreadful things pass thru you.
 But once they do, they will transform into something lovely.

You will be given a chance to step into the Lead’s shoes.

Not now perhaps, but soon.

When that time comes,

Do what the Lead hasn’t done yet.

Do what the Lead fears to do.

Do what the Lead will never do:

To become the Light.

Just stand your ground.
 You are alone.

But you are strong.

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