“Denied a Vote: Denied a Voice” — Anti-Brexit speak out

Anti-Brexit protesters gather in front of the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella, in Florence, Italy to voice their concerns about leaving the European Union ahead of Prime Minister Theresa May’s speech.

Theresa was against the brexit during the referendum campaign but changed her stance because she claims it is what the people want. Theresa delivered her most important speech on Brexit at the Santa Maria Novella. In her speech she mentions that there will be a two-year transition period in place. During the transition, the current policies will be in enforced. While her ideas were accepted by EU politicians, many British nationals are still wary and uncertain about what it means for them in their futures and their rights.

Prime Minister had proposed a “strong security agreement”, and that the UK will be the EU’s “Strongest and closest friend”. She also states that EU migrants are still capable of working in the UK, however they will have to have to register and abide by her terms and conditions.

A British national who resigns in Italy is holding a sign that reads “Denied a vote: Denied a voice” because him — among thousands of other British nationals are forced into uncertainty about their future because of a referendum that they had no vote in. Many people are questioning what will happen to their pension, and jobs.

The Santa Maria Novella is a Gothic-Renaissance church, and is home to numerous amounts of notable artwork by Renaissance artists, such as Giotto, Botticelli, and more. It is also where Galileo was first denunciation. At one point the church was restored using EU funding.

When the location of Ms Mays speech location was declared, many expressed their confusion as to why she decided to go to Florence. When the location highlighted the EU trading with Britain, while also adding more dignity to the speech.

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