I said I wouldn’t do this…

But here goes the first blog: College

In humility, I feel like I have a lot of value to give back to students coming into college. You read that and think, “another know-it-all millennial that has their life planned out.” …. actually the opposite.

I don’t want to write this for “tips and tricks of how to survive college”. Just “surviving” is a cop out for the people reading this blog. More than just what classes to take, whether to pledge a fraternity/sorority, taking your Faith seriously, or how involved to be (although those are very practical to know), that’s not the vision for this, because everybody has heard those things. All those conversations with this ONE important mindset left out, and I hate that. But I’m glad, THROUGH EXPERIENCE, I can confidently stand behind this claim: FAILURE is the most important thing that can come from your college experience.

ALL TYPES OF FAILURE. The dumb moments, include them. The moments you were too lazy to finish the project, and you knew you were failing, include them. Don’t exclude a single moment that you think was a “waste”. Learning from every failure is Failing Forward.

Surviving is the mindset with no vision of influence, no drive for the unthinkable… just survive — sleep, intake, eat, repeat. And that’s okay to have when overwhelmed with so much right off the bat: zero parental guidance, remembering 1200 double names (especially in Auburn (double names are cool, just guess there’s a Mary in there if you can’t remember)), or figuring out what you want to do when you “grow up”.

However, their comes a time in college where what once overwhelmed, you now have it underneath your feet. You start to understand the flow: you know what professors to get, you’re comfortable in your group of friends, and you somewhat have an idea of what you want to do. Here’s where people fail — they get comfortable. And the problem isn’t comfortability; the problem is the lack of want to explore new things to get yourself to be uncomfortable in new arenas — whether developing new skills or adding on to previous ones.

Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t be afraid to get uncomfortable. You won’t regret the nights you should have studied more or who you lived with; regret from college looks like not taking the RIDICULOUS opportunities to make people gawk at what you’re doing. Influencing thousands of people through Christ in you, starting your own startup, shooting for a 4.0, graduate in a major you had no business being in but you busted it to make it, taking ridiculous shots at internships, walking onto a sports team, the list goes on and on. Staying in your lane is for people who love the speed limit. Keep moving, keep exploring, keep pushing. The Crazy will turn into normal and you’ll look back and laugh. That’s what everybody else did when you started. Now it’s your turn.

The arrogant millennial in me says I’m going to figure it out. But the grace of God says nope, not to hold me back, but for me to lean in more. You’re going to fail but I promise you, when you fail, you’re going to get back up and do it better than you did the first time. Don’t ask God for something YOU could do. Ask him for something ridiculous that MAKES you believe in Him. College is only the beginning of the most fun 80 years you’ll ever live. Enjoy it, they go quick… It seems like just yesterday I had lost my Waterboy costume and my gatorade cooler was somewhere in the fraternity house. But, I guess that’s a story for another time.