One Moment or Two

I don´t want much from you. I know I can´t. You are like a little bird, that can quickly fly away, with your gorgeous wings. Don´t wanna scare you.
I will be more than happy with just one moment or two. Some place where time becomes relative, where seconds may last forever, or where hours, like sand, drain between our fingers. Our hands, interlaced fingers, don´t ever let them go apart.
Where and when I can rest my face on your breasts. You´re so beautiful, it simply makes me crazy. Where my mouth can find yours, our lips softly together, you gently and timidly letting me in. Our tongues finally meeting, so eager for each other. Can´t even remind it without feeling my heart beat faster, without the sound of your breath invading my thoughts.
Your skin, every little inch of your body, I want to explore them all. More, I want you to explore mine, I love your touch, you know that, I can tell by the way you stare at me when you touch me, trying to discover deep inside my eyes how I feel. I´m sorry, but you will never know. It is so intense. It is so hot. So fucking hot.
Is it too much to ask? Just a little while, so my eyes can talk to yours, they probably know each other since forever. Let them figure out what to do.
You can call me crazy, say it is only my imagination, but I still have your perfume here with me, right now, while I try to ease the feeling of how I miss you writing these lines.
That´s all I ask … A couple of endless moments. There´s so much yet to be lived. With you.

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