What I Learned From Being at The Las Vegas Shooting
Grant Cardone

Being in Vegas during a National tragedy may have seemed like 15 more minutes of fame, but by writing about it you revealed something quite shallow and pathetic about yourself. The arrogance, posturing and preening started early and just kept coming. “Recognized me as a social media influencer.” Please realize that to any person with a shred of character, life experience and intelligence you come across as a charlatan.

Just for closure I visited your website. (I recently retired from a 34 year career in Investment Management) Two minutes of the intro video clip was all that I needed. Investors did indeed pay “6 Billion in management fees” in ETFs last year. That might have something to do with the fact that ETFs now have over 4 Trillion in total AUM! (1 Billion=.001 of 1 Trillion) Very slick marketing with out of context data. I’m an accredited investor and I will steer clear of your unregistered Real Estate Fund.

A closing lecture about “the gun control agenda” was the icing on the cake. I’m a gun owner and a second generation Marine. What we have now in the USA is a full blown gun cult thanks to three decades of buggery between the NRA, firearms manufacturers and the formerly Grand Old Party.

Keep going with that slick real estate investment thing, it suits you.

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