Why Should You Care About Russian Interference?
John McCain

Thank you Mr. McCain, but I must ask a couple of questions- Isn’t it time for you to admit that the Republican Party has gone completely off of the rails? If your allegiance is to Country above Party why do you remain in the GOP? After two decades under the rising power of Right Wing AM talk Radio, FOX News etc. the GOP has finally become the “Dog being wagged by it’s tail.” Trump’s nomination is the culmination of a long trend. I am a Moderate Independent Voter and vividly remember the sense of alarm I felt when major GOP figures began to regularly appear as guests on Rush Limbaugh. Now we have a man in the Oval Office who gave White House Press privileges to Brietbart, has appeared as a guest on Infowars and invited Alex Jones as a VIP guest to the Inauguration. Just look at the list of critical replies to your essay below.

Mr. McCain you and I simply don’t realize that Russian interference “is all a matter of opinion”, “there are no such things as facts”, “there isn’t a shred of evidence”, “the Main Stream Corporate Media can’t be trusted” , “the Deep State is trying to bring down Trump” etc. etc.

Until large numbers of responsible Republican Leaders start not just abandoning Trump but the GOP itself our Democracy is in peril.

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