Bill O’Reilly: A Personal History
E Price

Thanks for taking the time to share your story. Activist RW Media is a “cure” for MSM Liberal Bias that is FAR, FAR worse than the disease. We are paying a very steep price as a country for that cure. Runaway Foreign Aid and Government Waste, a rampant Lazy Moocher Class, Tax Cuts for the Wealthy that pay for themselves, “they are going to take your guns away”, a War on Christmas and Christians, Death Panels and Death Tax, Sharia in America, NO control over our borders- are all now deeply embedded Myths driving anger and frustration at the ALL THE WRONG THINGS. I too have family and friends who’ve fallen for that darkly distorted view of reality. Trump appears to be it’s apotheosis and maybe an Extinction Burst event. Hang in there.

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