Faking a Mandate
Michael Arnovitz

The critical comments on this article are very telling- “whiny, liberal, sleeping, children, get over it…”

I am a Politically Moderate, retired business person, Veteran, Father…. Part of my job over a 3 decade long career in the Investment Management Business (working as an executive for a 90+ year old, very conservative, ethical company that survived both the Great Depression and the 2008 Financial Crisis without a layoff and it’s reputation deservedly and solidly intact) was to stay objectively and independently, well informed on public, economic, fiscal, monetary and tax policy, federal budgets, deficits, spending, regulatory reform, trade etc. Donald Trump played “the worst instincts” of the American Public like a fiddle. We are paying a steep price for having a largely ill informed, easily duped electorate incapable of critical thinking or seeing completely transparent BS for what it is. Eventually the coalition of- magical tax cuts- trickle down- they want to take your guns- pro-life- against government- will crumble. Reality Television broke “the veil”… “your fired”… just got hired.


not whiny, not a Liberal, not a Democrat, not a Socialist just a well informed, independent person capable of reading the “Long Con”.

That bridge he just sold you doesn’t look anything like he said it would.

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