The Commandments of the American Religion
James Altucher

Well done! Just dropped our daughter off at a “leafy” private College and returned home to a prematurely empty nest after the unexpected death of our 13 year old son a little over 2 yrs ago. Not an easy time…doing ok. I once shared your view of parental failure being about seeing your kids follow the same well worn path we did. Now I see it differently. College is not about career prep or unnecessary learning, it’s about becoming a “well rounded person”, spreading ones wings, expanding the mind and heart. I sincerely don’t care if my daughter becomes a doctor, lawyer, tech entrepreneur, opens a dog kennel, works on a ferry, or a becomes a struggling writer. I hope she majors in something impractical like history, english or philosophy-like I did. Then she takes that and stumbles along in some meandering way… that’s ok. I just retired after a 30+ year career in the Investment Management business. Did I sell out my high ideals coming out of College, struggle to find meaning in a corporate world? Yes and no. In my own way I was subversive from within, succeeded by staying true to who I am, by trying to always “do the right thing” in a business where that wasn’t the norm. It served me well, I was “in that world, but not of it”. I completely recognize the amazing good fortune we enjoy (to have the money) to send our daughter to a good school and not care what she majors in. Ideally everyone should have that opportunity if that what’s they want… or not. College is a right of passage, an initiation into the world, nothing more… nothing less. (More Liberal Arts Majors means fewer Trump voters… and a better world)

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