“Engagement” is Pretty Random. Shouldn’t We Market That Way?

Marketers are always looking for “engagement” with their brands; even if no one’s quite sure what the hell that means. Leave it to @Eat24 to clear that up, in typical “Wait, wtf is this?”-fashion. Join the enfants terribles of food delivery on Facebook Live right now, and, if you’re willing to stare at their mesmerizing-yet-random-yet-stupid-yet-you-can’t-take-your-eyes-off-it videos, you’ll be rewarded with discount codes up to $10 off. (Value: approximately five tacos, according to their calculations.)

So random. Yet we cannot look away.

Not only is this a clever way for Eat24 to weasel their way back into Facebook’s (which they broke up with in a messy, public scene two years ago,) life, it’s a pretty smart* (and cheap) way for them to learn who’s watching, interacting and most importantly, spending money with them. You know — engagement.

*By “smart” I mean “dumb,” but in the nicest way possible. Eat24 could be spending gazillions on analytics, but they’re probably learning just as much by seeing how long stoners will stare at a skiing slice of pizza…and having way more fun doing it.