Catch Bret Easton Ellis at Austin’s Central Presbyterian Church on Wednesday evening

April 17: Bret Easton Ellis in Austin

The Forrest Four-Cast: April 16, 2019

His first novel “Less Than Zero” was released in 1985 when the author was all of 21 years old. Other titles released by Bret Easton Ellis over the last 30 years include “American Psycho,” “Lunar Park” and “Imperial Bedrooms.” He has also written several screenplays and short stories.

Ellis’ newest book is his first ever work of non-fiction titled “White.” This release eviscerates the perceived good that the social-media age has wrought, starting with the dangerous cult of likeability. This new book is both a denunciation of censorship, particularly the self-inflicted sort committed in hopes of being accepted, and a bracing view of a life devoted to authenticity. Combining personal reflection and social observation, “White” serves as a polemic about this young century’s failings, e-driven and otherwise, and an example, definition, and defense of what “freedom of speech” truly means.

The author will talk about this new book at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, April 17 at the Central Presbyterian Church (200 East 8th Street) in Austin. Click here to purchase your ticket.

Interviewing Ellis on Wednesday, April 17 will be Clay Smith, who is the Features Editor from Kirkus Reviews.

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