SXSW 2017 vs. November 8 Results

The Forrest Four-Cast: November 15, 2016

Earlier today, SXSW announced nine new speakers for the March 2017 event in Austin. Today’s speaker announcement supports this week’s discount registration deadline. Remember that if you purchase your 2017 badge before the end of the day on Friday, November 18, then you will save a nifty $300 on the walkup rate.

One of the speakers in today’s announcement that I am particularly excited about is Rainn Wilson, a veteran of several memorable March Magic moments. For instance, when Wilson spoke at SXSW 2011, he concluded his session by smashing an acoustic guitar on stage. Get a laugh by reading the Mashable account of that memorable occasion from six years ago.

But Dwight Schrute memories aside, I am even more excited by the conversation between Shiza Shahid and Noor Tagouri, two of the other speakers in today’s reveal. The co-founder of the Malala Fund, Shahid is currently focused on supporting startups, innovators and entrepreneurs (particularly women), who are creating positive global impact. As for Tagouri, she is a first-generation Libyan-American who has gained an international following for her world travels and her uplifting message of Muslim empowerment. She was recently featured — fully clothed, including her hijab — in a Playboy magazine story about next-generation innovators titled “Renegades.” One of the photos from that write-up is posted above.

In light of the Trump victory, look for more content similar to the Shahid and Tagouri conversation to be announced over the next few months. The purpose of SXSW and other such events (as reinforced in a recent Medium post by Alex Stefan) is to inform and inspire our creative community to achieve better. Our role has never been more vital.

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