Ten Ways to Participate in SXSW 2018

The Forrest Four-Cast: June 28, 2017

On Monday, June 26, the entry phase opened for the 2018 SXSW PanelPicker. If you have a forward-thinking speaking proposal for next spring in Austin, then be sure to get your idea into this interface before it closes at the end of the day on Friday, July 21.

In addition to delivering a solo presentation or speaking on a panel, there are numerous other ways for the global creative community to participate in SXSW 2018 (March 9–18). Listed in chronological order by application deadline, top 10 options here include:

  1. Community Grants. For 2018, this program has been divided into two sections — individuals and organizations. Each of the 10 honorees receives a $5,000 grant. Entry deadline is Friday, July 28.
  2. Art Program. This is the platform for visual artists to connect with international leaders in the fields of music, film, and technology by showcasing innovative projects. Entry deadline is Friday, September 8.
  3. David Carr Prize. Now in its third year, this essay contest honors the impressive legacy of the award-winning journalist, futurist and frequent SXSW speaker. Entry deadline is Friday, October 13.
  4. Music Festival. Showcasing artists benefit from career-changing exposure and publicity provided by the amazing mix of influential participants who attend March Magic every year. Entry deadline is Friday, October 20 (but save on the entry fee if you apply by Friday, September 8).
  5. Film Festival. The world’s best narrative and most visionary documentary filmmakers come to Austin each March. Be part of this elite group by submitting your new film. Entry deadline is Friday, September 22 (but save on the entry fee if you apply by Friday, August 25). Late entry period extends to Friday, October 20.
  6. Interactive Innovations Awards. The industry’s top new digital projects in 13 different categories are recognized via the Interactive Innovation Awards. Entry deadline is Friday, November 10 (but save on the entry fee if you apply by Friday, September 22).
  7. Accelerator Pitch Event. If you are a new startup that wants to leverage the power of the SXSW platform, then you will want to apply for this competition. Entry deadline is Friday, November 10.
  8. Gaming Awards. This competition honors the industry’s top new titles. Entry process begins in September and will close in December. Stay tuned for complete details.
  9. Hackathon. We invite hackers, creators, makers, and coders to converge to solve problems, create new tools, and push the boundaries of existing tech across entertainment media. Entry process begins soon. Stay tuned for complete details.
  10. Release It. This competition is geared to products, services and applications that plan to launch at SXSW. Entry process for SXSW Release It begins in November.

Find more information on these and other ways to participate in SXSW 2018 via the SXSW website.

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