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This will be just a very quick tutorial on how to install and run Linux on a Windows 10 machine. In the end, you can install different flavors of Linux like Kali, Ubuntu, SUSE, and many other more inside your Windows 10 0S. There are only 4 main steps in order to do this. Yes, only 4, so without any further ado:

Let’s Get Started 🚀

dism.exe /online /enable-feature /featurename:Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux /all /norestart

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Setting up your SSH [Secure Socket Shell] keys on your Mac can be difficult if you have no experience with it yet. Don’t worry, because today I will walk you through on how to set up your SSH keys on your Mac. And then later, hook it up to a GitHub account. I hope I can make a post for Windows too.

Brief Intro Regarding SSH 😉

This will be only a brief intro, promise. I won’t bore you by explicating the history of SSH. But, if I may, I want to bring it up how significant SSH is for authentication.

To use an application…

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This article does not make your online accounts 100% hack-proof, but I can guarantee that it can help you prevent hackers from hacking your accounts. I am not reinventing the wheel or anything, these tools are already available out there. It is just that these tools or methods were not advertised or promoted enough. So, today I will share to you some conventional techniques how to make your online accounts secure.

This guide applies to all online accounts like: Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, SoundCloud, Spotify, PayPal, and other accounts.

Today I will teach two important methods in securing your online accounts.

1. Unique & Strong Password For Each Account 🤔

Hugh Caluscusin

Hi 👋 I’m a Full-Stack JS Developer, delving into React/React Native NodeJS, GraphQL, and NodeGUI. I love to write help-guides and about programming articles.

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