Could Russia Shoot Down an F-22 Stealth Fighter Over Syria?
War Is Boring

Back in my RCN days, we were taught and had to be proficient in the use of the Mk 1 Eyeball and other traditional hand-mechanical navigation, combat, and operational procedures in addition to the ultra-high tech stuff they show in recruiting videos. This was because Admiral Murphy has always been our fleet training officer. Murphy’s Law dictates that if something bad CAN happen, it invariably WILL happen at the worst possible time. Military history’s overflowing with examples of the negative consequences resulting from the assumption that one’s kit is the best and therefore invincible. That ain’t the way the world rolls — assume that stealth tech is marginally effective at best, that your enemies have been tracking you since “wheels-up”, that your kit will work at best 1/2 as well as they say it should, and that the mission will dissolve into utter chaos and your comms are compromised. Can the Ruskies see you? Be safe and just assume they have you in ultra HD and have been watching you picking your nose and scratching your junk since you rolled out of your rack.

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