To Threaten Ships, the Houthis Improvised a Missile Strike Force
War Is Boring

Not being American — but with American family, I try to see how American actions might be viewed by the non-American inhabitants of Earth: those who don’t automatically assume the honest good intentions implicit in every American use of force ever.

Assuming this incident occurred as described, it should still be noted that the stated American defense of “protecting freedom of navigation” rather ignores the vast material and logistical support and aid America has been providing to Saudi forces brutally waging an offensive war in Yemen. I can actually see how — misguided as both their opinions and anti-ship missiles seem to be — to a Yemeni who just spent the morning digging out his family from the rubble of their home littered with bits of bomb stamped “Made in USA”, might possibly see nefarious intent in the presence of American warships “minding their own business” off the shore. Indeed at a range no American would ever tolerate the presence of an uninvited foreign warship.

Some are calling this “Gulf of Tonkin 2.0" — I highly doubt that. However, given recent American actions, if I were a Yemeni officer in a position to take a pot-shot at an Arleigh Burke sailing past — it would be VERY tempting.

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