I hope this letter finds you well.

My name is Chris Hues and I am a journalist and poet from Boston, Ma as well as associate editor of bostonhassle.com.

I am writing to you today to express my disagreement with many points of your letter.

“We need to preserve the possibility of good-faith disagreement without dire professional consequences.”

Let’s begin with one of your signee’s remarks, JK Rowling’s remarks on likening hormone therapy for transgender individuals to gay conversion therapy.

The fact is that Rowling can say this all…

For 2019’s October 11th, AKA Coming Out Day, I have a relevant declaration to share and see this as an opportunity to share my experiences that have led me to conclusions about my own identity, in this case, being a queer and a gender non-binary writer.

To some, it may appear that I do not wear my sexuality on my sleeve, though it is an integral part of my identity. Yes I’m queer, though that is not a big secret, considering I’ve held relationships with partners and friends across the sexual and gender spectrum. Sometimes, though, I feel in certain…

Photo by Omari Spears

I chatted with Sal Inglima from Open Reading about my poetry, Wallace Stevens, and inspiration.

Many thanks to Sal for having me on.


A house is a geometric structure built by humans meant to shelter their creators or abiders with the ultimate objective of intimate emotional bonds; making a house into a home. Many structures are not houses or homes such as office buildings, art studios, awnings and archways. These structures may be, for better or worse, considered homes by what are considered people with houses, vagrants, vagabonds or the blanket term of homeless, not houseless. This difference of word use, is to the housed (not homed) not necessarily thought of frequently.

While some folks can live in houses, that obviously does not…

‘Without music, life would be meaningless.’

What did Friedrich Nietzsche mean when he wrote these words? While the motivation may seem obvious to many regarding songwriting’s expressive capabilities, clarification is soothing unto me, for growth across modes of expression, and for unknowing audiences.

As a ‘page poet’, when I put my full energy into a poem, this effort is to reach a level of intimacy with the reader on the page, within a printed collection of (preferably) my own work.

Though as many poets can sympathize, the industries digital base now makes the print book a more competitive format than…

If you’re reading this, I’m willing to bet 2017 & 2018 have been categorically among the worst years yet for your spirit.

The morale of the global psyche remains embittered by war, neo-fascism, & climate change, in keeping constant with the past, with a bleak future in sight.

Global far-right movements & the rampant proliferation of the war industry has vanquished any glimmer for new paths or opportunities for positive change. …

‘Think about it’

— ‘Writer’.

What does that word or title really mean?

I think we’re all trying to figure this out. Yet this identity fits me like the perfect pair of unwashed jeans. Working between cafes and searching for meaning on city streets, where do the next new stories & ways of thinking come from…

I smoke a cigarette in my room at 6pm on a hot early August day, unemployed and/or among the legions of severely underemployed or the ‘don’t-give-a-shit employed’. My legs are worn out from biking around the city taking photo’s for a freelance gig, biking…

I spoke with Sal Inglima on 7/28/18 in the Somerville Media Center, headquarters of Boston Free Radio Studios, on his radio show ‘Open Reading’.

I read poems ‘Hard at the Top, Harder at the Bottom’, ‘Queer’ & ‘Lusting for Love/ Loving for Lust’ as well as a Liu Xiaobo poem. We talk about my writing process, being queer and the state of music and arts in Boston today.

Huge thanks to Sal for having me on & you for being here and listening.

  • Hard at the Top, Harder at the Bottom published in Issue 16 of Reality Hands*
  • Boston Hassle/ Brain Arts is a 501c3 nonprofit and not a company*

Christopher Hughes

Editor - BostonHassle.com. Poetry appears in New River Press, Reality Hands Issue 16 and more. Other words appear at WGBH.org and DIGBoston.

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