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Right there with you on Robinson, Motley, and Williams-Goss. My two alma maters are Vanderbilt and Washington, so I’ve seen a good bit of all three. I think they’re very underrated. Robinson didn’t play particularly well against Vanderbilt this year and was matched up against a tough opponent (Jeff Roberson, another under-the-radar prospect) but even so he caused continual problems for them. Motley brings a lot to the table but best of all he has that most overlooked of talents: energy. And Nigel… How in the world can somebody be a four-star recruit, startfor two years in a major conference, and then transfer and play point guard for a #1-ranked NCAA finalist and yet still be overlooked? No, he’s not the world’s greatest combine specimen. But he’s big, tough, smart, skilled, and composed and he can do everything you need a point guard to do. The fact that these guys might slip to the second round just baffles me. Oh well, more talent for the Spurs and Warriors then!

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