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Sorry, Jonathan, but I think you’re the victim of a little bit of recency bias. First, it’s not clear at all that Cleveland is one of the two best teams in the league. San Antonio and Houston were both much better all year, and they had fewer games against Eastern Conference cupcakes. Speaking of which, Cleveland has only faced a very mediocre Pacers team (that gave them a bigger tussle than that sweep would suggest) and a disfunctional Raptors team missing Kyle Lowry for half the series. And of course they’ve got LeBron James. So let’s not go using them as the template for an NBA team of the future just yet.

Also, the San Antonio-Houston series actually proved the opposite. Even without both Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard, when the Spurs got serious about protecting the rim, stopping the break, and pounding the ball inside to their very big bigs, they absolutely destroyed Houston. Green’s unique, as you point out. And even if I was trying to find a player like him, it certainly wouldn’t be Isaac or Bryant.