Curtis Hougland, THE Social Good

It will take all of us to repair the holes in the fabric of the World Wide Web — a Web which was supposed to connect us all, bring us closer together, and provide greater transparency. Instead, it seems to be pulling us further apart and obfuscating reality. Political operatives have become adept at feeding “alternate facts” and “fake news” into our echo chambers with the intention of manipulating our emotions, influencing public policy, and securing power for the privileged few at the expense of the many.

While those of us in the digital media world were busy creating algorithms that would predict which alternate facts would entice you to click, the fake news you would read, the stuff you would buy, and which candidate you would vote for, we forgot that we were also tweaking the connective tissue of the Web. The stuff that is supposed to be holding us together, not pulling us apart.

Bravo, Curtis, for holding up a mirror to show us what we’ve done. Now let’s go fix it.

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