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Ev Williams

I would appreciate it if someone would read the following and explain to me how to get traction on this. Thank you.

Why can’t a Billionaire or Corporation dream bigger ?

I am always curious why people with enormous wealth don’t take advantage of it by funding a single eye-catching initiative that would enhance everyone’s life and reap a tremendous amount of dignity and respect.

The Idea ?

Restore the Chesapeake Bay. The entire watershed. Perhaps 3–5 billion dollars of dedicated funds could return it to the best protein factory the world has ever known, similar to when Captain John Smith first laid eyes on it.

Citizens could consider giving up the naming rights like a municipal stadium. Call it Amazon Bay, Bloomberg Bay, Apple Bay, Google Bay, or my personal favorite, Cisco Bay. Want to keep it regional? Call it Carlyle Bay. Or personalize it, Ellison Bay. Mr. Ellison you have a wealth of 40–50 billion dollars. You could invest 3–5 billion dollars in Oracle Bay. You like a challenge, as I can see from the whole yacht racing passion, and the engineering needed for this enterprise would also be transformative. With the science now available at places like SERC, the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center in Edgewater, Md, I’m sure restoration guidelines are available.

A person or group of investors or a corporation could adopt the cause and showcase cloud, tech monitoring and other problem solving devices. They would need to adopt the mind-set of ownership, 24hr satellite monitoring, install a top-notch legal team to lobby States and businesses to just stop pollution from entering the Bay. Creatively problem solve the run-off from chicken farms, no more industrial wastes entering the watershed, and clean up what is already there. The partnership could float low interest loans or bonds to the farmers and states for all the infrastructure needed to accomplish water purification goals. Install thousands of remote sensors to police, monitor and report problems. No one gets a pass on anything less than total restoration.

Adopt new green energy solutions like solar reefs, wave, tidal and wind power. Take down the dams and restore the rivers and eliminate the threat from silt. I understand that would free up enough land to generate even more energy from wind and solar then the dams currently provide. Smaller turbines could also be in the mix. Ideas like Boyan Slat’s Ocean clean-up array could be modified to constantly remove. plastic, pollution and other debris.

In 10–20 years, perhaps much sooner, replenished oysters would filter the bay naturally, initiating a protein renaissance. Dr. Yonathan Zohar at UMBC@IMET has shown that he can actually grow Blue Crabs, Rockfish, etc. in tanks for commercial sale, or perhaps to release for enhanced restoration if desired. Fish farming on a world class scale. Veta La Palma in Spain is a wonderful example. In the process, you spin off another multi-billion dollar company that can expedite the restoration of entire watersheds. The world could really use that expertise. All this is doable now. Imagine the good will and positive feedback loop this could generate, not to mention creating great,rewarding, high paying careers, that are truly job multipliers.

I think the political class in all these states would love to hand off the potential of the Bay to a focused public-private entity with the capital muscle necessary to accomplish these goals.

If it’s profit motive that’s so important, I’m sure a 6 state watershed could come up with some form of re-payment with interest on bonds or taxes. Certified milestones in water quality, and protein production could initiate payments. Every citizen could join with us in a bay shareholder program that increases civic involvement. We care for what we own. Tourism and real estate values would explode, and could be managed for growth successfully.

Can you imagine a Bay with adjoining rivers we could all swim in without fears of anything but naturally occurring critters? I can. I can because 50 years ago I swam and consumed the bounty of those same beautiful waters.

There would be one last benefit, Hope. If there is one thing missing from our collective futures, it’s real hope. Hope that our exceptionalism is real, that we could indeed start to totally restore the mess we have created using smart citizens and world class science, combined with the focus, drive and vision of one man or one firm, with the bounty again carefully shared by all.

And I’d like to see it all in my lifetime, So we have to get started soon. Thanks for your time.

Gary Rowe

If anyone wants to pursue this Idea, please contact me.


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