Zoe’s Bookside Bagels

Hugh Hankins

Coffee and bagel lovers! I’m here to tell you about a place. A Place located in Western Washington University’s Wilson Library. A place that combines all the elements of an awesome coffee and bagel shop. It’s got fresh coffee, fresh bagels, a warm and comfortable environment that combines elements of a dedicated working area and the elements of a relaxed social environment.

Walking into Zoe’s on a nice day, you will be struck by how well lit it is as the sun showers through the tall arched windows. Even though there are no walls dividing the room, it’s set up so that there is a inner and an outer layer. The pillars serve as some sort of non physical barrier separating the social from the busy. Usually, you will see the people in the middle tables sitting around chatting over a cup of coffee. And the Kids sitting on the outside couches and chairs will be hard at work, absorbed in their own studies.

Also around the sides of the room are a couple bookcases. One full of board games that has Apples to Apples, Monopoly, Scrabble, Cranium, Risk and many other board game staples. They can offer a perfect distraction for you and your friends when you require that much needed break. And if you’re interested in picking up a new book that for some reason isn’t located in the library, or a book that you plan to keep, the other bookcase is dedicated to Zoe’s second hand swap. Anyone can pick up and take a book, with the intention that they will also place a book on the shelf. So if you want to just post up, drink coffee, eat food, play board games or pick up a new book, Zoe’s is a good place to be.

Zoe’s isn’t limited to just a few options, they’ve got something for everyone. When you get in line there is a basket with order cards that let you build your own bagel or sandwich. They’ve got many different bagel flavors and many differnt things you can adorn it with. They have breakfast options like egg and sausage, or a midday snack option like bagels and locks. And of course you can pick whatever bread, condiments, cheese, veggies and protein you want on your sandwich. You can make some pretty great sandwich or bagel combinations form what they offer.

Depending on what time of the day you stop in at Zoe’s, you may encounter a few different environments. The mornings are busy, kind of loud, and it can take a while to get that much needed coffee and bagel. But those who show patience and percivier through the wait will be rewarded with a most exceptional start to their morning.And if you come in the afternoon around two or three, when students are busy doing work or buckling down to study, you will find a much more quiet, much less busy area. It’s a place you can really relax and do work in.

It’s not always easy to find a good place to sit down and just be, but Zoe’s Bookside Bagels is exactly that. It’s a place where anyone can sit down and grind out work. It’s a place anyone can sit back and relax. It’s a place you can eat food and drink coffee. And it’s a place you can hang and have fun with some friends. So next time you find yourself in Western Washington University’s Wilson Library, stop in at Zoe’s and check out what it’s all about.