A Brief Look Through the Amazing Enjin Wallet

I have had the pleasure of using the Enjin Wallet since release, and it has been nothing but smooth sailing since. Most importantly to me, it’s the most secure mobile wallet out and you own and control your private key/s, a 12 word passphrase. Write/save this in two different places where they can be kept secret and safe. Below is the link to the Enjin Wallet.



Enjin built their own in wallet keyboard to prevent the potential risk of keyloggers and other data collecting apps and screenshots are prevented in sensitive areas. Two layers of cryptographic encryption are used to keep your keystore and data as safe as possible whilst sensitive data is encrypted in your phones memory and deleted when no longer needed.

The wallet has passed multiple 3rd party security audits and can hold your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, all ERC20 tokens (tokens on ethereum network) which includes Enjin of course and the list will only grow as time goes on. The amazing community behind Enjin has translated the wallet into over 30 languages, Klingon included! And no pesky ads!

Figure 1

After creating your new wallet and backing up your private key, you will be met by a beautiful and simple user interface (UI). The above picture (figure 1) shows how this gorgeous wallet looks, except you may have other coins/tokens shown. The drop down menu labelled “1” brings up the wallets main menu which can be seen in figure 2.

Figure 2

If you have more than one wallet/private key, the drop-down menu labelled “2” in figure 1 allows you to easily manage and name multiple wallets.

“3” allows you to add/remove coins listed on your home screen and label “4” will drop down a list with the tools to: Backup Wallet, Rename Wallet, Edit Coin List, Auto Add Tokens and Manage Wallets.

The Explorer in figure 2 is an ad free ethereum blockchain explorer which can be found here: https://enjinx.io/


Collectibles on the Enjin platform have many uses, from an image backed by “x” amount of Enjin coin, the creation of art on the blockchain, backed by monetary value or as an authentication certificate for real world art.

The storing/locking up of Enjin which can be melted at a later date for its Enjin Value or traded as a collectible in the future, for example figure 3.

Many games that have chosen to use Enjin coin within their universe have/will give out Multiverse Founder’s Tokens (MFT) that will be locked to your wallet at a currently unknown date. These will provide perpetual rewards to your wallet based off of which MFT’s you own.

Another use case seen in Alterverse is the ownership of the right to run an Alterverse Server, limited to 2000 servers.

In game items can be backed by varying amounts of Enjin depending on rarity, if you were an early adopter etc and can be sold/traded with others, which will certainly play a pivotal role in eSports, another rapidly growing industry. This can be seen in part in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s skin trading and betting.

As you can see, not just from what I’ve listed, there are countless possibilities for the use of Enjin backed collectibles. Have a favourite picture, maybe a loved one or pet, mint it into a token to your wallet at: https://mint.enjin.io/products/create-tokens

and back it with some Enjin, eternally preserved on the blockchain, unless you decide to melt it for the Enjin back. #meltismurder

Figure 3

Scanning QR codes allows for the easy sending/receiving of coins and tokens to the desired destination as well as collectibles.

It also allows for the easy distribution of collectibles or prizes, where one QR code can distribute hundreds or thousands of items to individual wallets where people can scan them up until that particular QR code is depleted.

You can either scan the QR code with your camera within the wallet, or choose QR code from your gallery.


We now have the ability to do in-wallet exchanges of one coin/token to another with the choice of using one of 3 exchanges currently, with more on the way. Figure 4 below shows just how easy it is to quickly swap ‘x’ amount of one coin/token for ‘y’ amount of another.

Figure 4

Thanks for taking the time to read through some of this wallets fantastic features,


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