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More Instagram pics by my dad, Hugh E. Naylor III. They’re legit.

Here are more pretty pictures take by my father. He’s a legit nature photographer.

My dad is an excellent — totes excellent — photographer, and so I thought I’d share with you some of his pics from Instagram. Enjoy!

I’m writing this more as a reminder to myself at some point in the future, hopefully when we‘ve weathered this coronavirus stuff.

I’ve come to Oregon to keep an eye on my parents. We’ve stocked up on extra food, water and medicine in case things go bad with this virus.

Some of my friends think this is extreme. But my parents are old, and this virus has taken a particularly heavy toll on old people, so I wanna be around in case … god forbid.

Moreover, based on initial numbers from what we know about its spread, the new virus…

A totally random post, but I just really like this sign, so much so that I’m publishing here for you to behold. Enjoy.

Thanks much, Hugh Naylor

Posting this picture of Beirut just for the heck of it. Despite the recent turbulence, it’s worth reminding people just how wonderful a city it is. I hope for a return of peace and prosperity so you can visit one day.

Thanks, Hugh

By Hugh Naylor

This isn’t much of a post. It’s more quick-hit musings on a topic that scares me, that scares lots of people, that should scare everyone.

Those apocalyptic fires in Australia make me think of … the Middle East. This part of world isn’t known for lush forests, so fires, apart from little Lebanon, haven’t been much of a thing. Which alarms me even more, because the effects of global warming have nevertheless started taking a particularly pronounced toll on the region.

I can’t help think that the recent surge of protests in Iraq, Iran and Lebanon has…

Freelancing in War Zones. A How-to Guide

By Hugh Naylor

This is a post about how to freelance in war zones, with quick tips further down.

What follows probably isn’t what you’d expect from a blog post about freelancers, so hear me out.

The Middle East in particular nowadays can be a dangerous place for journalists, and recent events involving Uncle Sam and its regional archnemesis, Iran, appear to have made reporting there even more perilous. Demand for news from the region has been intense, even in our Donald Trump-obsessed media environment. In recent years, we’ve seen the horrific consequences facing journalists who’ve braved places like Syria…

Hugh Naylor

Hugh Naylor is a managing partner at Inside Revolution. Former @Washingtonpost and @TheNationalUAE reporter, along with @NYTimes bylines.

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