Hmm… Corporate Media Now Turning On Antifa As Police Militarization Increases
Caitlin Johnstone

It’s barely surprising really. The police has already been murdering — the government is now only making that more efficient. And the government (not Trump, but security specialists) also know people have a very limited understanding of antifa. This allows them to equate nazism to antifa, and then in some cases to even class antifa as terrorists (NJ I believe)(whilst nazis aren’t classed as terrorists at all). What people do not understand is what is antifa: it is short for antifascist action. It is not a group, but a way of operating. It’s aim is to stop the nazi movement *by any means necessary*. Now why equate that to nazism ? Nazism promotes hate, and more than hate it promotes genocide. Nazism is an ideology which is routed by murder and is not covered by free speech. Freedom is being able to do and say whatever you want as long as it doesn’t hurt someone else’s freedom. But nazis, by definition, strive by advocating for lesser freedoms for specific people, and acting on it. In Charlottesville the antifa didn’t kill, the nazis killed Heyer. In the US, right-wing terrorism is by far the most important. Now we have all those liberals, not wanting to choose (and yes, thereby becoming fascist sympathisers). They are so blinded by media coverage (extremely right wing in the USA) and false moral high-grounds that they cannot see that no, antifa aren’t here to simply censor their openents, they are here to protect jewish, black, LGBT+ minorities, women and the working class. When the nazis want to kill a gay man, when that man receives death threats (it is just 1 example amongst many), is nazism free speech?

Now, why would anyone defend the fascists over the antifa? It’s not that complicated really. The USA has 2 major parties: Republican and Democratic. The Republicans are far right and the Democrats are right wing. The entire USA political landscape is dominated by hard line capitalists. Antifa are communists and ancoms. Fascists are capitalists. In fact, it is said that fascism can be the reaction of capitalism when it is endangered. The cops serve to maintain the status-quo. It is therefore only natural that they protect fascists and not antifa (actively opposing antifa actually), just like the political elite and the rich (which own the media).

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