No festival can be successful without its fans that’s why managing your Fanbase can’t be ignored. A Fanbase is a group of people that for example admires the same kind of music, festivals or has the same expectations of a festival. You can grow the size of your Fanbase if you manage it properly. Fanbase insights for example e help you to create brand awareness. It also helps you to understand your fans, to know what they like, to build relationships and foster loyalty. …

Email marketing was already old before social media marketing came of age. It’s a testimony to the efficacy of this mode that this continues to be an important channel for millions of small businesses. Email marketing lists are considered priceless and businesses go to great lengths to develop and maintain them for two reasons: sales and more sales.

Here are seven small business email-marketing ideas that will drive qualified, in-the-mood-to-buy traffic to a company’s website.

  1. Make the sign-up process easy. Place a sign-up box high on the company’s website and add a link to the email-marketing signup page on the…

A list of engaged subscribers is one of the most effective and reliable marketing resources you can own. A good list so valuable that it can’t be bought. Why? Because when subscribers sign up for your list, they’re signing up to hear from you and your company. Email subscribers have to be earned. What are the best ways to build a list? We have collected the top 11 to share with you today.

The permission model allows you to fill your audience with people who are genuinely interested in your brand and what you have to say.

With information collected…

Although many would react with a smile to such a question, just as it was the case with Albert Heijn customers, however, we have to agree — something is wrong. The example is a good illustration of proliferation of satisfaction. As an event organizer or a marketeer there is a high chance that you regularly ask ridiculous questions and ask too many questions.

No question is a stupid question — doesn’t apply here. You would like everything to be measurable and like to assume that all measure yield useful insights. An illusion so great that is fed by the market research industry, resulting in an increasing level of stalking of customers.

Because people often want to know a lot of details, questionnaires are becoming longer and longer (and increasingly annoying to fill out for the customer). You have to be cautious and put yourself into the position of the person that you will be sending a questionnaire to. In addition to that, you have to remember that by giving a chance for your customers to speak out and give their opinion, you create the expectation that you will actually do something with their opinion based on the results.

Stop playing around

The NPS question in the case of the cucumber is…

There are multiple reasons why you should be using email surveys as part of your marketing program. However, they all boil down to increased customer satisfaction and increased marketing intelligence. When properly implemented, email surveys give your customers a chance to directly tell you their feelings about your products and services. With the right combination of subject lines , relevancy, design, and content, surveys have the potential for high open and response rates.

Before we get into the steps for designing and implementing surveys as part of your marketing campaigns, let’s establish some basic principles to maximize survey effectiveness.

  • Precise…

Do you organize an event? When is it the right time to collect feedback from your visitors? You can create in the Hugo backoffice an email campaign with a survey. When you are ready to send out your survey, thinking about the right timing is crucial. Creating a timeline of sending it out is just as important as the content itself as you want to reach your fans and visitors at the right time. This is to maximize the chance of getting a lot of responses. We have created a timeline for you.

We know how important your subscribers are for your email marketing activities. The success of your campaign is dependent on the email list, as the subscribers need to be interested and engaged. A large email list however, doesn’t necessarily mean a high-performing one. You want your subscribers to take action when seeing your email. A smaller, more qualified list will be way more beneficial to your business than a large one with uninterested people.

So, don’t make the mistake of purchasing email lists because you want to rush the list-building for more success possibilities. We understand it’s tempting but be…

Are you creating email campaigns but don’t really get a decent amount of responses? We advise to include infographics!


Subscribers get an overload of information and emails — what is therefore to do is catch their attention! Instead of sending long informational emails, insert visuals or infographics and the chances of people reading the email higher. Three things will happen:

1)The subscriber will be engaged with visual content

The subscribers usually skip the intro and and scan for relevant information. Infographics give a better overview of the content when most of the info is summarized in visuals. …

Hugo’s data-segmentation is a powerful tool that allows campaigns to be sent to targeted segments of subscribers. These segments can be based on the ticket-type they bought, the event they went to, demographic data and other subscriber data. Segmenting is not necessary for every campaign but it can significantly increase important two campaign success metrics:

1) Click-through rates

2) Ticket sales/ e-commerce orders.

Based on the campaigns that were sent using the Hugo system, we saw that click rates between campaigns different a lot and that even a 1 percent improvement can mean substantially more website visits and/or additional orders.

You are sending out surveys but you always wonder if you do it in the best possible way? That sounds familiar, because trust me: you are not the only one who struggles with receiving enough responses.

In one of our latest whitepapers we talked about the amount of responses you need to receive to count your survey results as reliable. (Missed this post? Check it here: But, receiving this amount of responses is harder than it sounds. …


Manage fans, create event based surveys and set up smart email campaigns

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