No More Multi-tasking

Are you an organization that uses email campaign software to connect to your subscribers? Would you like to create a survey to ask your subscribers for feedback? And do you afterwards want to manage this feedback via interactive reports?

Combining e-mail campaigns with surveys and reports seems a lot at once. To no surprise is the struggle of multi-tasking fairly common. There are several things you want to achieve with your subscriber acquisition and it seems simply impossible to manage e-mail campaigns and surveys at the same time. Think again! Stop multi-tasking and be more productive!

To quickly highlight the advantage of e-mail campaigning: you can connect to your subscribers and build relationships with them. This has benefits for both sides as you as the organization can adapt your services to their needs and at the same time the subscribers feel heard and will likely maintain brand loyalty.

What you want to do is work with a platform that provides you with an option where you can do several things in one. Hugo delivers software for handy e-mail campaign service with incorporated survey options and fanbase management. This allows you to send your e-mail campaigns linked to a survey, which presents your subscribers newsletter information together with ways for interaction via the survey itself. All of this can be created with one single e-mail thus eliminates spamming. E-mail overload actually reduces the chance of participation as the subscribers feel unappreciated — so be aware.

Comparing Hugo to Mailchimp, an undoubtedly highly effective e-mail marketer, Hugo scores with having the advantage of a packaged deal. Mailchimp provides the option of managing subscribers, sending emails, and tracking results yet has its focus solely on e-mail campaigns. Hugo on the other hand functions as a multi-platform. What do we mean with multi-platform? Well, by going beyond e-mail marketing and incorporating a survey into your email campaign you can identify your subscriber’s preferences. Further, you can create new target groups to send e-mails to, depending on their interest. A case for this could be incentives such as “all those who thought the ticket price was high and who came for a specific artist, will get a free key chain”.

Your aim with this is to keep your current subscribers engaged and satisfied. Besides that, it is just as important to gain new subscribers. A multi-platform like this will surely make your life easier. By letting you manage several services at a time it ensures the best possible ways to be in touch with your subscribers.

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