How to make a satisfaction survey?

More and more companies are making satisfaction surveys to, and there are several reasons to making them. In the last post, I explained why, now let’s see how to make one.

When you create a satisfaction survey, you should respect a certain order. A satisfaction survey must be carried out in several stages.

· Step 1: The orientation of your questionnaire

a) Determine the objectives of your investigation, ask yourself the right questions, for example:

- Why do you do this questionnaire?

- What is my goal?

- What will I measure?

- What do I need to know?

b) Determine your target, the target can be:

- Everyone

- A certain age group (for example: persons over 60 years of age)

- Lost clients

- New customers …

c) Determine your sample, ask yourself the right questions as for example:

- What is your population?

- What sample size do I need?

- Will the participants answer?

- How many people should I send my satisfaction survey to?

· Step 2: Format the survey

a) The content

- Organize your questions in a strategic order

- Go from the general to the essentials

- Questions should be simple: Everyone must be able to understand the them!

- Forget interminable questionnaires, try to be concise

b) The form

- Use different scales (Verbal scales, quotations)

- Privilege even numbers: there are no mid-points. The customer is obliged to position himself

· Step 3: Promote your survey

- When your client buys a good or service from your company, inform him that he will be asked to fill out a satisfaction survey in a short time.

- The goal: to get maximum responses

· Step 4: Publish satisfaction survey

a) Online

- Put your satisfaction survey online

- Send the survey by email: This is the best way to get a maximum response

- Publish your survey on your website

b) Telephone interview

c) At the end of the act of purchase

· Step 5: Analyse your results and develop an action plan

a) Analyse your results

- Interpret your results with different media (graphics, curves, histograms, matrices)

- Focus a lot on things you can improve

b) Make an action plan

- The goal: Improve points that are not suitable for clients

- Adapt to new consumer behaviour

Keep your goals in mind and create your own satisfaction survey! If you need more information, contact us at Hugo.Events!


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