NO to purchased email lists

We know how important your subscribers are for your email marketing activities. The success of your campaign is dependent on the email list, as the subscribers need to be interested and engaged. A large email list however, doesn’t necessarily mean a high-performing one. You want your subscribers to take action when seeing your email. A smaller, more qualified list will be way more beneficial to your business than a large one with uninterested people.

So, don’t make the mistake of purchasing email lists because you want to rush the list-building for more success possibilities. We understand it’s tempting but be smart instead of risking poor email campaign results. This could essentially ruin your reputation.

Here are 3 reasons why you should never buy email lists:

#1 Purchased email lists are not allowed by the service provider

The provider of your email campaigns will not allow purchased lists. It’s as simple as that. Most of them actually double-check whether your list is ‘opted in’, which means the subscribers signed up to receive certain emails. The ESPs really monitor your lists in detail to detect organic or bought list. In case of a purchased list, you risk being banned from the system.

#2 Bad delivery rates caused by faulty addresses

The addresses of purchased lists have a high possibility to be of low quality. This means, they are old or not much of use. This furthermore leads to higher bounce rates and complaints from your subscribers or even landing in spam folders. This is the way to a bad sending reputation. The ESP will realized this too and will question your lists.

#3 Inbox invasion of strangers

Your email campaigns are usually based on your subscriber groups. Fitting content and call-to-actions are prepared. If lists are bought and thereby people didn’t ask for an email, the email will not be familiar or recognized. This is a safe bet to end up in the trash. You force yourself into someone’s inbox, which does not build a great customer relationship.

So how do I grow email lists organically?

Depending on the type of business, you have different options of growing your email list by increasing ‘opt-ins’.

A simple sign up form on your website is one way. Those can be customized to your individual purpose. Sign up forms can also be placed on your blog or social media.

Another option would be in-person events, where people can sign up in person or via apps.

After reading this, we hope to have convinced you to invest time in earning subscribers organically instead of taking the easy way out by purchasing lists. Sending targeted emails will be more effective.

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