The Importance of Surveys

Are you an organizer that is unsure about why exactly people bought tickets to your event(s)? Maybe they are looking forward to a specific artist or maybe they are just tagging along with friends? We have a solution for you to find out the actual reasons: embrace the use of a survey for the purpose of gaining valuable feedback at any given point in time. This is working 100% to your advantage!

Here are some benefits that might convince you to engage in email surveys to your event visitors.

#1 Get feedback and new ideas. The simplest reason is feedback. By asking your event visitors about service, product or experience perception, you will gain valuable answers. The feedback of your visitors is a resource of creative and helpful ideas that you might not have considered yet yourself. Fresh minds can boost your business.

#2 Uncover reliable answers. As an online survey is a more private approach than for instance face-to-face conversation, the privacy needs of the respondents are met as they feel less intimidated. They are therefore willing to provide you with open and honest responses as to what their motives are towards your event as well as why it is important to them. You can gather meaningful opinions, suggestions and comments. Feedback as such can be used to transform and further optimize your event and thereby assures quality improvement.

#3 Guided business decisions. Conducting a survey helps when you need to make important decisions that require unbiased survey data. This way you as the event organizer can produce conclusions based on gathered information. Topics of importance to your event visitors can then be addressed and no time is wasted on irrelevant topics. The obtained feedback can guide you in your future service, product or experience decisions.

#4 Costs. Considering the benefits of sending out a survey to your event visitors makes up for its arising costs; despite the fact that online surveys are extremely inexpensive. The minor fee per respondent allows you to for instance spend more money on incentives that can be incorporated in the survey. These can increase the response rate. In case of a high response rate, administrative issues that phone or paper surveys would have are not to worry about. This is because all data is filtered and retrievable via a reporting system. Hugo’s backoffice is extremely helpful for this matter.

#5 Compare results. As the results of the surveys provide you with various attitudes and opinions of your event visitors, this feedback is your baseline for measurement. For instance, if you find out that 70% of the male event visitors are coming because their friends are going, you might want to address them about bar tokens they can buy in advance so they don’t have to wait in line to get drinks! This helps the satisfaction rate. Ultimately, you can establish a benchmark where results are compared over time and can then be formulated into an overall conclusion to maintain a healthy status.

After getting insights into why surveys are so important, we hope you are intrigued enough to give it a shot so you can see that even months before the event visitors are willing to share feedback.

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