blogpost kitty brainstorm SLACK?

why should clever kitties use Slack ❓😎‼️

And what the fluff is Slack?

All we twitter kitties know TwitterWorld, that´s our natural habitat.

Unfortunately we sometimes hit limits of what be done on twitter in any meaningful way (speaking from experience). Sometime we have important kitty activities, that require some coordination, organisational chat, exchange of ideas privately ( in a group ), file exchange (texts, blogpost drafts, pics and more.)

🙄Examples: how do we organize twitter events , twitter pawties and more⁉️

Everycat whoever did(tried) this, knows, that twitter DM(direct messages) groups are not(!) the purrfect solution.

Meow and some friends started to use an app/program/service called slack for these purposes long ago (hint: Fluffybasil, TigernoStripes, Thor and some more weeties and Miss Dana)

The most important lesson learned: you can do a quick slack login for 5 minutes and be uptodate before(!) twitter login and notification madness starts.

i will continue with a deficit list of twitter and then some slack advantages(though it has limits too) and some screenshots of how we use slack for kitties

.. to be continued

Some links:

What the fluff is slack?

What do i need ? devices and platforms

all platforms supported:PC/Mac

mobile devices: smartphones, tablets / IOS/android and more(scroll down)

how can i try/join?

ask me for invitation .. we will find a way

yours Hugi

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