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Using Glitch as a UNIX command line playground

Glitch is a great way to give everyone access to a shell without fuss on top of frontend and Node projects

1. Create a Glitch account

Go to and click the “Sign in” button in the top right corner, and log in with either your Facebook account or GitHub account.

Glitch homepage and sign in link

2. Start a new project

Click the “Start a New Project” button and select “Create a Website”.

Create a Website project on Glitch

I picked website because it doesn’t matter, we’re here for the console 😄.

3. Open the Advanced Options

Click on the Project’s name in the top left corner, the button you’re looking for has an icon, an odd name like scarlet-latency and a downward caret.

Once the project menu is open, click on “Advanced Options” at the bottom of the menu.

Open the Advanced Options for Glitch

Now we can open console, aka a command line aka a UNIX-compliant shell by clicking “Open Console”.

Open the console on Glitch

4. Try some commands out

The console should open in a new tab… not that it matters as long as it opens.

echo-ing that we’re in the console

We can now play around with a full UNIX shell environment, complete with git, curl, echo, cat, VIM… Essentially a better shell than I’ve got locally on my MacBook.

Bonus: some commands to try out

  • curl
  • touch newfile.txt
  • echo "my content" >> newfile.txt
  • cat newfile.txt
  • vim newfile.txt (to exit VIM, press ESC followed by :wq and then ENTER

For more command-line exercising, check out my Skillshare course:

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