A world without liberties

The references

EU Terrorism Situation & Trend Report (Te-Sat) | Activities & Services | Main Reports | Europol

2017 EU Terrorism Report: 142 failed, foiled and completed attacks, 1002 arrests and 142 victims died | Europol

700,000 deaths a year: tackling smoking in the EU | News | European Parliament

Timeline of recent terror attacks against the West | Fox News

Big data — Wikipedia

Google Ngram Viewer — Big Data

Exabyte — Wikipedia

Utah Data Center — Wikipedia

A Very Short History Of Big Data

Prism slide 5 — PRISM (surveillance program) — Wikipedia

Global surveillance disclosures (2013–present) — Wikipedia

Tor (anonymity network) — Wikipedia

Tor Project: Overview

Secret NSA documents show campaign against Tor encrypted network — The Washington Post

Torsploit — NSA tools behind attack | CONFIRMED — cryptostorm’s community forum

nsa | Tor Blog

NSA paid $10 million to put its backdoor in RSA encryption, according to Reuters report — The Verge

Snowden Doc Search: TOR

Snowden Doc : Techniques against TOR

Exclusive: Secret contract tied NSA and security industry pioneer

Exclusive: NSA infiltrated RSA security more deeply than thought — study

(2) Government Surveillance: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) — YouTube

Ukraine, anatomie d’une cyberguerre — épisode 1 : la menace au quotidien — Politique — Numerama

Jean-Claude Juncker annonce un renforcement de la cyberdéfense et confirme un Wi-Fi européen — Politique — Numerama

What is jihadism? — BBC News

Jihadist | Definition of Jihadist by Merriam-Webster

Jihad: A Misunderstood Concept from Islam — What Jihad is, and is not

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