Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening?

After 4 years of London and 4 years of Paris, I decided to try a small town in France where IT jobs were abundant nonetheless, and the climate, clement.

It felt okay for a while, but the feeling of profound discomfort finally caught up with me. I could only deduce that my “problems” either had to do with me or society.

But, how could the problem be with society?

It seemed our consumerist frenzy of spending time and energy producing money to convert it into many useless and life-polluting stuff wasn’t bothering too many people around here.

I’ve come to realize that I used to unconsciously perceive a very dreadful vicious circle though: mass consumerism would make international corporations powerful; the more powerful they’d become, the more consumption would grow, and the more we, the consumers, were to become their slaves. When it finally hit me consciously, contributing to this madness became impossible.

In desperation, I started observing others at work, I still couldn’t find anyone with external signs of struggle. They either couldn’t see what I saw, or they could hide their discomfort really well.

Was social conformity the name of the game here?

Not even close.

As I would later find out, not many among the people in my office, or in the IT field altogether in my community felt like this. For as long as their “little” financial situation worked for them, they were happy and cared not looking beyond that.

They seemed happy.

Happy to wear clothing made by exploited children and women.

Happy to take on credit loans from banks even though central banks make interests on non-existent money.

Happy for our government to take more credit loans only to cover the interests.

“The financial world has deprived (European) states of their respective sovereignty through the systematic collection of debt and its interests.”
― Natacha Polony, live on a French television set back in 2016

Happy that the economy was designed to include an ever growing debt.

Happy to eat GMO’s, or food filled with dye, pesticides, and other cancerous artificial chemicals.

Happy to pay for bottled drinking water filled with fluoride and what not.

Happy to breathe contaminated air.

Happy to drive modern cars that pollute nine times over the regulation.

Happy to step on each other to reach small-time management roles.

Happy to influence consumer habits through the manipulative ways of marketing.

Happy to find scientific ways to get people to stay, for as much as possible, in front of their smartphones, tablets, or TV’s.

Happy with deforestation. Animal extinction.

Happy with our governments waging wars to steal resources from oppressed nations.

Happy with the risks of Artificial Intelligence in weaponized drones.

Happy with the great technological and scientific breakthroughs that will take us to Mars (for those who can afford it of course).

Happy to leave the rest of us on a vandalized planet, left to endure the harsh weather conditions to come.

The fact that I’m not happy in this world must be the sign that something definitely is wrong with me…
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