Because fasting has the direct effect of less consumption per individual, as more people practice it, its effects become exponential.

Farming will decrease; the international transport of goods will decrease; the impact of human activity on its environment will diminish.

Industrial revenue will decrease and they will respond and adapt. It will become necessary for them to get back to processes that are more respectful of the environment. They will have to be more respectful of local producers if they want their industries to survive.

When practiced by the majority of people in the western world, it is possible for the simple act of fasting to help the planet get rid of the human carbon footprint & the global public health problems. How? Simple: the exponential effect…

Why? Because industrials only provide for what the demand is. If the global demand is “we want to eat a lot, for cheap”, than this is what they provide, and hence the world we live in currently. Industrials will make cuts everywhere they can to supply this demand, even though it destroys environments and lives.

If the global demand is “we want quality over quantity”, than industrials will adapt. So, public health will be less affected because fewer chemicals will end up in our food and thus in our bodies, which are now overwhelmed by the task of their absorption.

This means more longevity; more health, even at advanced ages; this was common among asians and other societies in the world before they, too, have recently become contaminated by the virus of globalization.

Lastly, eating less also generates exponentially less household waste and junk. No more mountains of litter .

Fasting is coming back strong in our collective knowledge. We hear about it everywhere. There is a real awareness going on.

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