Announcing the Transactions on Machine Learning Research

  1. Are the claims made in the submission supported by accurate, convincing and clear evidence?
  2. Would some individuals in TMLR’s audience be interested in the findings of this paper?
  • Outstanding Certification, for papers deemed to be of exceptionally high quality and broadly significant for the field (along the lines of a best paper award at a top-tier conference).
  • Featured Certification, for papers judged to be of very high quality, along the lines of a conference paper selected for an oral or spotlight.
  • Reproducibility Certification, for papers whose primary purpose is reproduction of other published work and that contribute significant added value through additional baselines, analysis, ablations, or insights.
  • Survey Certification, for papers that not only meet the criteria for acceptance but also provide an exceptionally thorough or insightful survey of the topic or approach.
  • Alexandra Chouldechova
  • Andrew McCallum
  • Bernhard Schölkopf
  • Devi Parikh
  • Konrad Körding
  • Lillian Lee
  • Natalie Schluter
  • Shakir Mohamed
  • Yoshua Bengio



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Hugo Larochelle

Hugo Larochelle

Google Brain researcher, machine learning professor, ex-Twitter Cortex, father of 4, wine/music/comedy enthusiast