Why Hillary Clinton Thrills the Hell Out of Me
America Ferrera

Fear mongering by comparing the revolution that is being proposed by Bernie Sanders to those of third-world countries is just sad.

It is interesting to me that Hillary Clinton supporters dismiss the idea that big corporations giving her huge amounts of money want something in return. Just as people donate money to a politician campaign so that the politician wins the election and represents the INTEREST of those people, the companies donate money expecting something in return. I wonder what is Wall Street expecting by donating all that money.

There was a study in which two people were doing a test. Person A (who was secretly one of the researchers) leaves the room for a second and comes back with two soda cans. He gives one of them to Person B. Later, after finishing the test, Person A asks Person B if he would like to buy some tickets. The result? Person B not only agreed to buy the tickets more often, but also bought more tickets than the average number of tickets bought by people in the control group.

I hear some of you saying: “Obama received money and did not favour Wall Street” Are you sure? Because last time I checked, you paid a lot of money to rescue the banks and nothing really bad happened to their executives who, by the way, won millions of dollars.