Happy Birthday Poppy x
Poppy's Picnic

I first met Dylan over the telephone on a rather dull and wet British morning and suddenly the day seemed brighter. He is passionate and full of tenacity, and we talked for what seemed hours. His research and information about Raw or what is known as Barf Feeding for dogs is extensive and he has over the past 3 years worked with some of the best nutritionists and vets in England to get the right ingredients and source the best meats to create the right menu’s. His company is based in beautiful Wiltshire and they handmake their menu’s from carefully selected human grade meat and Wiltshire grown vegetables. The super food and plant list is extensive in each menu, especially their newly launched product called “Enhanced”

I have 2 wonderful dogs, and was feeding Grain Free food to both of them. Our labrador is a stunning yellow boy, Hunter is a gentle giant with the biggest of brown eyes, but he was loosing weight fast. Now I know a thing or two about dog food but this I could not get right. His food was going in and almost within an hour running through him, and truly I cannot describe the after burn of trying to clean up but lets just say it is not pleasant. My little one is my baby, a gorgeous wee Miniature Wire Hair Dachshund from bonny Scotland, my Finnbar has developed a heart murmur and I needed him to go onto a lean fat diet with enhanced ingredients to help him. Enter Dylan, he talked me through what we should plan ahead for my boys and we have not looked back.

Poppy’s Picnic has gone from strength to strength within a year, I have watched him grow his business and help so many people with exactly the same dietry issues that we were experiencing.

My 2 boys are thriving, their general well being, their coats, eyes, teeth and well just about everything has improved so much on the menu’s that we offer them. If I miss their food time by even 15 minutes, boy do I know it..

And so Happy Birthday Poppy’s Picnic and beautiful Katie, I would never had met Dylan, Michael, Poppy and her 2 daughters Slipper and Katie without you entering his life and I for one am so very grateful to you all x

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