Music connects us all

I was exploring bandcamp the other day, looking for new music when I came across this wonderful EP called ‘The Front’ by Conor Walsh.

‘The Front’ is a neoclassical minimalist ambient music EP.

To me is just wonderful. I just found this incredible music and put it on loop all day long.

I decided to leave Conor a message saying that I was really enjoying his music. It’s a great feeling when someone tells you that they like your work, I thought.

Just after I send the message I noticed people were posting RIP messages on the EP page.

I didn’t know Conor or his music and I searched online for more information.

I was in shock .I couldn’t believe that Conor had died the day before.

This unknown guy from Ireland releases his first EP in October 2015 with 4 amazing tracks, I discover it one day after his death without knowing it…

I felt really sad about this tragic event and made me think about how life is so fragile, temporary, just a moment in eternity. I felt small and meaningless. Is this it?

I posted a RIP message on Twitter and shared a link to Conor’s music. I wanted to pay homage to another talented musician leaving us. A very small gesture when compared to his music.

A couple of days later I got back to bandcamp to listen ‘The Front’ once again and noticed someone’s message:

Zack Allen : I found an album by a Portuguese artist, checked out his twitter, saw a lone RIP tweet for Conor and a link to music, and I decided to check this out.
Absolutely beautiful and I certainly wasn’t expecting to feel as sad right now but these are just wonderfully composed pieces. I read the statement on Conor’s Facebook about his passing and we all know death happens but this music and the way he played adds so much more weight to it.
I never knew him, I’m just an American who deeply enjoys music. RIP Conor Walsh. Your all too brief legacy will live on. Favorite track: One Swallow.

I got goose bumps. My message went through the online noise of social media and the rush of modern society.

Cheers Zack!

Music connects us all.

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