Should I post or should I do something else?

To post or not to post — that is the question

Sometimes I think if it is a waste of time to come here and post something. Probably somebody posted almost the same in the past. Or maybe you tend to share another self-help article. One in a billion for sure…

So, why to come here and share? I don’t have “the answer”. I have at least seven answers:

  1. You are promoting yourself / creating “brand” awareness about you
  2. It’s an easy way to share with the world what you are feeling, your ideas, your dreams, … somehow you feel that it’s safe to “speak” in here
  3. You are promoting your goals
  4. You are promoting your products / services
  5. You are a blogger or alike and this is your job
  6. You want to receive feedback from others that you probably don’t know in “real life” (for any reason)
  7. You’ve have read somewhere that this is good (choose a reason)

Still I’m not sure if it is really profitable, somehow, to come here and post. Are you just one in a billion? What’s the cost of opportunity?

What’s your opinion? If you post, why do you post? Can you already see the benefits?