Tyler Durden was right.

The things you own end up owning you.

You start your professional life.

You get your first salary

A never ending cycle begins:

  1. You buy a “thing”
  2. You get that feeling of achievement!
  3. You think that you need to buy another thing!
  4. You don’t even remember how many “things” you have
  5. You think that owning things will give you happiness
  6. Repeat.

Happened to you?

And how are you feeling right now?

How many things you own that you don’t use anymore?

Are you giving away some of your things, or selling it on eBay to have space (in your place, in your wallet) to buy more things?

After having all that stuff, are you consistently happy or you need to continue to buy things?

This is probably one more article about how Fight Club was right. But with so many articles about this matter, some of us still continue to make the same mistakes.

Some of us only realize that Fight Club is a reality when “things” don’t solve the root cause of your problems. The root cause of what makes you awake at night or with a depression during the day.

Another angle about this kind of articles is about someone who has a very low salary and writes about the importance of owning nothing, being a nomad, very light and ready to travel anywhere. A Buddhist way of living. It’s not my case. More than 90% of my professional life was based on financial success.

If a person who is financial succeeded writes about the importance of only owning a few bunch of things, probably it’s the confirmation that Fight Club was really right.

Nowadays I really believe that you should only own a basic set of things. Good things, why not? Things that give you happiness because they solve your minimum “Maslow” needs. For instance, if you need to own a pen, make it a Mont Blanc, why not? But probably you don’t need two!

With a minimum set of things you can save money.

With a minimum set of things you save money and you achieve one of the most important things in life: freedom.

With financial freedom you can make your own decisions. You can change your whole life without being stuck to a mortgage, a credit card or any kind of loan.

You can decide to change your job even to one with a lower salary, if needed. One that you really like what you are doing because it gives you pleasure and educates you in new and important things for you future.

With a very high burn out rate of “income and costs” you will be stuck to your company. Your company will end up owning you, specially if you are above 40 and a dad / mom. Golden cage.

If there is one thing I appreciate the most is freedom. Freedom to go after my dreams. And let us be honest, you need money to go after your dreams. It’s better to do it with some level of comfort than we nothing.

One day I will be 80 years old (hopefully, more) and I will be able to say that I was born free, lived free and will die with a huge sense of accomplishment. I did what I want to do, worked in the companies or projects I believed in, married and lived with the person I really wanted and, most of all, I don’t own nothing to anybody.

I own myself.

Things don’t own me.

Nobody owns me.

Live wild and free. Make a difference in this world. Help and be helped. Be proud of your life.

You will have an amazing life if things don’t own you.

It takes courage.

…think about it and share your thoughts.
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