What is Digital Marketing ?

AMICI has gained an unmatched reputation in offering highly effective digital marketing course. Since the landscape of digital marketing landscape is expanding on a day to day basis, marketers have started to face newer challenges and opportunities and strive to keep a pace with the competitive digital age.

The Digital Marketing Course has come up as great initiative that works towards educating students and gearing them up for starting a career in Digital Marketing. Students who have plans to work on Google On-line Marketing Aspects must undergo Digital Marketing Course. The modules taught during this course help the students gain required skills to share up their advertising goals and strategy and face the Google On-line Marketing Challenge.

Digital Marketing Course in Janakpuri is extensive and well-planned that engulfs certain modules. Prior taking up the course, it is recommended that the students commence the pre-course preparation. Also, students are advised to review the supplement material which is offered in the ‘Course Packs’ section. The additional supplementary material offered is optional and is always referred by the intermediate, introductory, and advanced students.

The key features of this course include the following:

· Access to the latest content related to digital marketing such as Presentations & Videos

· Hands-on access to the related Projects and Assignments

· Access to webinars and expert speeches

· Offering of Research Based Internship

· All time access to Trainer’s Support on various Discussion Forums

· Assistance in placement the Freshers as well as Digital Marketing Experts

The course encompasses 6 Core Modules that in a bunch focus on building correct fundamentals to have out shined in the domain of digital marketing.

· Social Media Marketing (SMM) — This module helps the students to learn the exact methods to create leads, build brand, & aggregate audience on various platforms of Social Media.

· Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — This module focuses on getting the website listed as one among the topmost search engine results.

· E-mail Marketing — This module teaches the students about effectively delivering e-mails, building user lists as well as generating relevant clicks.

· Inbound Marketing– This is the next important model which teaches the technique of content marketing to attract & convert customers by getting their trust.

· Search Engine Marketing (SEM) — In this module, students leaner to run ads effectively on the Search Engines.

· Web Analytics — It teaches the students to take wise business decisions by assessing and evaluating the available Digital Media metrics.

Apart from the basic modules, Digital Marketing Course in Janakpuri includes certain specialization modules in which participants have the option to pick and choose the respective sessions as per their objective of learning the digital marketing course.

The sessions are held on the following topics:

· Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

· Affiliate Marketing

· Website Development using Wordpress

· Advanced Google Analytics

· Mobile App Marketing

· Creating unfair advantage to exponentially Grow Online Business

· Super Blogging Ways to Sell Digital Marketing Services

· Lessons on blogging for Beginners

· Display Advertisement

· E-tail ( Online Listing ) /Website V/s Market Place

· Video Advertising

Once the course is done, the faculty at Dwarka suggests the students to undertake certification course such as AdWords Certification. Google AdWords Certification is a globally recognized stamp that showcases a person’s knowledge and proficiency in working with latest AdWords tools. This also enables a student to gain skills to effectively manage AdWords campaigns.

So, immediate after completing the Digital Marketing Course and the Google Online Marketing Challenge, it is advised to undertake these certification exams in order to add more value to the profile.