Let’s begin. 360 video

Setting out:

We are watching 360 video content online more and more every day. 360 video is more enticing and attracting of viewers. With VR content receiving 28% more views than standard ‘flat’ content, and those who watch 360 content are more likely to watch the video for its entirety it is easy to see why companies are looking to produce content.

Now it’s easy enough to sit in bed watching these videos on Facebook and/or YouTube, but it’s an entirely different story in regards to producing content.

What I’ve learnt starting out:

I’ve only had my 360 camera for a week now and I’ve come to realise how different the workflow is to standard video. I’ve only had one issue slow me down so far; render times, but that’s only due to working with larger files. So to make sure your workflow doesn’t bottleneck and you don’t let yourself and/or clients down you should definitely make sure you have the sufficient computer hardware and give yourself plenty of time to work on projects. Software plugins like the Mettle Skybox suite do of course help with the workflow and quality of the content produced.

Improving production quality:

Just because the video is 360 doesn’t mean you don’t have to incorporate basic rules of composition; such as the height of the camera and the position the viewer will be facing when they begin the video. Just because the viewer may think they have full control of where they look and how the view things doesn’t quite mean they do. Take advantage of this as you can convey your messages all so very differently. Even simple little things like making sure the tripod is patched out make a massive difference in the production quality, how sound is used to grab people’s attention to particular areas in the video.

I will shortly write a post with a list of tips to help you improve your videos. Like camera positioning, tripod removal and the addition of graphics.


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