A Shocking Change *Is* Happening
M.G. Siegler

But only if you live in America

The estimable @mgsiegler has written a piece on the wind of change blowing through the consumer TV market in the states, entitled “A Shocking Change *Is* Happening”. It’s a good read, and interesting, but it does ignore the fact that whilst “TV==Cable” in the USA, for much of the rest of the world that isn’t how TV works. I live in the UK, and whilst I now consume a substantial minority of my TV over the internet (Netflix, NowTV, iPlayer et al.), the traditional channels (and there are now 100+ of them) are beamed to me over a TV aerial stuck on the roof of my house. No cable required.

The author could have simply added “in America” to the introductory sentence in his article:

Seemingly with each passing day, there is a new story about massive impending changes coming to the cable television industry.

I have no hard evidence, but I’m pretty sure that anyone writing about the same story in another country, on a global distribution platform (i.e. not their local paper, with implicit context), would have justified the headline with the addition of the country they were writing about.

PS I’m not bothered about it, but I wanted to test the “write a reply” feature on Medium…

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