Progress Report 1

I had an interesting weekend, as i did not do a single thing i set out to do. I realized that i am in fact a lazy person. Incredibly lazy, that i wonder if i am actually a cat and not in fact a person. Most of my day is wasted as i spend, most of my time asleep. I definitely sleep over 12 hours a day, the exact number i do not know. I tend to sleep directly after meals, and the range can vary. This weekend in particular, i slept most of the days away. It honestly didn't even feel like a weekend and more like a day off. I was supposed to study and do work, but i ended up doing anything. I recently found out that i gained over 10 pounds and currently weigh 181 pounds. I am getting fat at an alarming rate. I can feel myself become less attractive by the day, as my stomach increases in size.I was supposed to start my diet weeks ago, but i haven't been able to motivate myself. Its incredibly hard to motivate myself to do things. I am a comfortable person, i don’t like doing things that risk my happiness. Thats why i haven't even started eating salads, because they don’t make me happy. Salads make me sad, because they are not enjoyable to eat. At some point i said enough is enough and i took a stand. I decided that it was time to get serious. I decided to go to the gym, and that took a lot of motivation. I am proud of myself for actually going to the gym. The next major thing i did was studying. I studied for a solid 30 minutes, which to me is progress. It took a lot of effort on my part, but i feel like my “self-motivation” will slowly but surely improve over time.

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