You Like Sex and Heartbreak: My Five Most Recommended Medium Stories

I’ve written nearly 100 stories for Medium in the past 13 months.

Based on your feedback, I’ve learned you like stories about breakups, divorces, and grief. You also like stories about sex, particularly if there’s a lesson learned.

Medium’s stats tell you several things about a story you’ve written: the number of views (the number of people who’ve clicked through); the number of reads (the number of people who read the story to the end); the percentage of views that turned into reads; the number of times your story was “recommended.”

There’s considerable overlap but not exact congruence between number of reads and number of recommends. The story that had the most reads and views, Why I Swore Off Sleeping With Students for Ten Years and Why I Went Back, ended up only being the 9th most popular in terms of recommends.

Here are the five stories from the last 13 months you liked best:

  1. Can’t Light a Fire With a Damp Match: A Texas Breakup Story
  2. The Child who Wasn’t: Pro-Choice Men and Abortion Grief
  3. The First Time I Had a Girlfriend Whose Sex Drive Was Higher Than Mine
  4. Divorcing While Dad
  5. What I Told My Daughter When She Asked Why I Lost My Job: on Cheating, Mental Illness, and How Much to Tell the Kids