Millennials Bug

I remember pretty well, back in December, 1999 when I was 15 years old and used to work part time at an law office in the afternoons how worried the lawyers were about what was going to happen after new years eve, would they miss all the data ?

Well, time proved computers are smarter then humans themselves, since it was obviously that a machine built to record data wouldn’t ask itself “how could that be stored inside me before I was “born” ?”

Machines are recorders, reproducing stuff; they can think, but those thoughts are limited to previously codes; he who writes codes can manipulate them. You don’t have to believe me but is true, I’ve met some genious kids in this life, and they aren’t rare, on the opposite, every new generation defies me.

Some economic studies suggest that millenials are more likely to save the World, because they have some kind of empathy with each other.

Well, those are just rumours, and all I think is that millenials are more likely to believe anything is possible, and work hard to do so, their religion was built in rock concerts and music festivals, and I believe that the 2000’s / 2010’s decade was one of the most creative, independent, DIY, crazy decade’s in centuries. Macbook, not iphone revolution.

Perhaps even if we had lose all the data from 2k bug, we would still have a huge amount of movies and music that will still be unknow to many people from years and years to come, and will be there recorded, uploaded in streams, youtube videos, music stores, for free or a few bucks a month.

Now we have a problem.

We have too much information, with a huge lack of education.

Parents are too busy paying their mortgages and children’s credit card, private school, soccer practice, all of these routines that make them rely on school’s, and other (mostly older people), to take care of their own children while they work, that I remember well, it was quite similar in every family house, like my own.

What is happening now is some kind of inverted millennium bug, and it is pretty much the same as the black hole from Hawking, at first we believed after crossing a black hole things would disappear, disintegrate or something like that, but now he believes itmay be an unusual door to different dimensions and THAT WOULD BE HARSH to handle, don’t you think ?

We have too much information, specially on religion, we were over that ages ago !

And now is happening again.

The internet is a door to another dimension, behind this pixel bright display you’re reading this, there is a whole bunch of tricky lines of codes and codes, and good stuff, mean stuff, criminal stuff, you have to take care where you put your fingers on, and most importantly, if you are a millenial, you have the duty to explain things to olderly and younger people.

It won’t be easy guys. But we can’t accept being stuck in that Pink Floyds — Another Brick in The Wall, music video, things went to far, some would say the politicians were never so corrupted, and I would say, we were never so aware as we are now.

Don’t let this too many information world tricks you, the truth for peace is already written in your heart, find it, and give it away.

We are not dots, we are cells;

we are all in this together, eventually things will get better.


#millennials #bug

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