I guess the time has come when I start walking through dangerous paths. I was delaying a little writing about Python because I might make some readers a bit mad. But I hope it does not happen, and all of you can get some learning out of this story.

Python was for me, back in the day, definitely a no-go. I like to use curly braces and semi-colons, and most of all, I avoided going into interpreted programming languages. Still, as I said in my first story:

Let your preferences aside.

My romance with Python, if I may call it…

At the university, I had a place where I used to eat a fat Brazilian street hamburger while reading my precious book “C++ How to Program” third edition from Deitel & Deitel. I cannot tell what was heavier, the code in my mind, or the hamburger in my stomach. I was young, and at the time I believed my body could take it all, now I guess I was wrong about the hamburgers.

I read that book because, as I said in my first story, I believed C++ was the holy grail of the programming languages. I also had the…

C is a powerful and amazingly fast programming language. Still, the most impressive feature it has is the ability and the speed it can empty a room full of developers when who-take-the-decisions says:

“… and it must be coded in C!”

I honestly don’t understand this “fear” of C and why universities are adopting other high-level languages instead of C during the initial courses. It should be the opposite, in my opinion. I believe C is the best programming language for providing an understanding of what is going on inside the machine. It is an exciting learning experience. …

My name is Hugo, and I have a long journey “coding the possible and also the impossible” already behind me. So, I decided to tell my story and adventures using programming languages to touch upon various impressions and learnings but trying not to judge what is better or worst. Tricks, insights, good and bad practices should also be part of the series of posts I am planning. But of course, the direction will be dictated by the passionate coders, hopefully reading my posts.

Every good story starts with an introduction; being so, I will tell my story from the beginning…

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