Do you want to have some good ideas for the next project?
Do you want your team or organization to be more creative and innovative?How important you rate creative and innovative skills for future of work?

9 years ago, Author Steven Johnson has given this wonderful Ted Talk “Where good ideas come from”. He walked us through a fascinating tour. From the “liquid networks” of London’s coffee houses to Charles Darwin’s long, slow hunch, to today’s high-velocity web.

“Where good ideas come from”

His discoveries are so inspiring! No wonder this inspires us to design “Spark” to help you nurture your creativity and “Hub” to empower you to go deeper on research, inspire your audience, and collaborate with people you want to work with. …

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Photo by Daria Obymaha from Pexels

Let me share a little secret here — the power of post.

How often you give attention daily by scrolling posts on your favorite social media?

How often you give attention to a beautiful website?

How often you open any marking email to read?

And last, how often you open notebook and starting to take notes?

🤩 Yes, my observation here! — you give a loooot attention to post.

Why post?
Not because I am using emojis here. Just kidding.

It is because…
Post is convenient.

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Hi everyone,

We are so happy to introduce our product — SparkLand to the world.
You can download this beta release 1.0.x from both Google Play and Apple store.

Now, we have some digital home for our personal sparks, family sparks, community sparks, and orgnization sparks. We believe this is the place we can co-exist and leverage future technologies to have social learning, co-create and co-operate for future of creation.

Google Play Store

Apple Store

How it works.

  1. Signup and complete user profile
  2. Spark anything, anytime, and anywhere.
  3. Keep private or publish it to gain interest, feedback or networking.
  4. Discover and contribute to others’ spark. …


Hui Huang

Founder, CEO & Architect of TheSparkOne Network — An unstoppable collaboration network that motivates and guides you and your team to move spark forward.

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